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Al Bander Group - مـجـمـوعـة الـبـنـدر


The Chairman

AI Bander Group is built on relationships, these are art the heart of our business. We strive for sustainable and enduring relationships with our people, local and international communities, customers and suppliers. We work hard to deliver on our promises, operating our day-to-day business in a way that provides quality, reliability and value to our customers right on time. 

Listening to people and anticipating their requirements makes us more effective. 

We are independent both in thinking and actions. This enables us to make many decisions at the first point of contact, where it matters and can respond quickly to opportunities as they arise. We continually strive to improve, never becoming complacent about the good relationships we have built. It is these things that make us stand apart from the rest.

INTRODUCTION - نـبـذة عـنـا

AI Bander is a large scale supplier of polished porcelain tiles an annual output that reaches Square meter. Specialized in polished tile, Glazed tile, Mosaic Tile, Wall Tile, and Floor tile and so on. Moreover Al-Bander is considered a unique manufacturing and trading enterprise which is specialized in producing and trading high grade sanitary wares, such as sink, shower, bathroom hardware, plumbing accessories, etc. .. with good quality and low price. Also, as a genuine manufacturer for profiling and metal fabricating can produce most of associated productsrelating to electrical conduct with highest technology. Furthermore the group is engaged in importing and buying Computer Component. 
We recognized our responsibilities to consumers, our employees, and our communities. In an effort to fulfill these responsibilities we commit ourselves to: Creatively maintaining our goal of being a leading domestic supplier and Manufacturer.
Insuring a long-term growth of profits through a commitment to customer satis­faction. Continually seeing to improve our products, in quality, in service and in value. Honoring an atmosphere of honesty, integrity, and trust in our fellow workers, which encourage a spirit of shared responsibility. 
Setting standard of ethical responsibility to enhance the culture of our company and the continual pursuit of excellence.


Head Office:

Makarona Street
 P.O. Box 8650, Jeddah 21492, Saudi Arabia 
Tel  : (+966) 568999585
Fax : (+966) 12 227 2722
Business, Administration & Contact information 
Business Name: Al BANDER CO. LTD


HISTORY - تـاريـخـنـا

Thirty four years ago, AI-Bander opened its door for business in the city of Jeddah K.S.A. a Ceramic and porcelain wall and floor covering and Sanitary Ware dealership company, which subsequently ventured in manufacturing, as well as in the field of trading and technology; presenting our quality product line from Italy, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, India, China, Korea, and Indonesia. Our humble beginnings started on a small ware housing facility with a workforce number of only 3 staffs. 
During eighties the company acquired a bigger and more strategic property on Sitteen Street in Jeddah and an additional branch in Nuzha due to market demand. Urbanization and industrial growth in Saudi Arabia played a major role in the company's success for it transformed the once timid and inactive city of Jeddah to the liveliest, busiest, and most promising city on the entire west coast of the Red Sea. Our work force grew bigger along with the company's expansion and success. 
The company's main showroom was relocated to Makarona Street in Jeddahdisplaying an array of the finest, grandest, and most extensive collection of quality Ceramic and Porcelain tiles for wall and floor. Bathrooms sets, and Swimming pool tiles under one roof of 1300 sqm coverage. 
The company expanded all throughout the country at other branches were established on different key cities.
Dammam Operation of sales and warehousing began in 1993.
Riyadh Established in 1995 with a display space of about 1000 sqm. Madina Almunawarah, and Khamis Mushait offices also opened within the same year.
Tabuk, Yanbu and Jizan, These offices started their operation just a few years back, they are the most recently addition to our list of branches.
Warehouse were a necessity built in most of the cities with Al-Bander branches, which purpose was to incorporate efficiency and timely manner of delivery.
Currently, Al-Bander has been supplying high profiled private and public sector, places private residential complexes, hospitals, school and malls with the quality of ceramic, porcelain wall and floors tiles, and bathroom sanitaryware sets. Public utilities and structures such as alleys, pavements, and stairs that required "heavy duty floor covering were also catered to by company. AI-Bander success, though becoming a diversified and versatile business units, continues to contribute to the growing Economy of Saudi Arabia.
Our mission is to provide the most unique, durable and finest designs to our consumers. To accomplish this mission, we chose the best tile manufacturers this world has to offer, ranging from Brazil to Japan and from Turkey to Spain. All our principals hold international standard certifications. Our workforce now consists of over 150 members and professionals.
AI-Bander has the most updated and sophisticated technology in terms of electronic processing and retrieval system; keeping us in our stocks in hand, inventory status, goods in our pipeline, daily and monthly sales figures, and data on forecast and achievements. 
In addition to our sanitary ware and floor covering, our showrooms also show­case the best and most attractive line of wooden and ceramic ware combination of Wash Basins. The latest addition to our products are the fines cabinets, wash basins on solid oak or other wood materials with superb workmanship, skillful craftsmanship, and suitable designs were also presented.
The company's largest and most modernly facilitated warehouse is located in the city of Bahra, which is 45 km east of Jeddah, with an area of about 28000 sqm, and can accommodate approximately ten 20ft. containers at a time. 
Other expansion and business network were follows: 
Saudi Sonyx Our first new expansion in the field of Manufacturing. Pioneering the way to the production of Cultured Marble Bathroom Sets and subse­quently introduced the new product in the market, which was made possible by a combination of technological excellence between chemistry and fossils derivatives and its by-products. The end user response was very pleasant and expiring that we now have the most competitive products anywhere in the world, that in regard to beauty, elegance, and design.


Quality - الـجـودة

Al Bander International Outstanding designs and high quality products made a major contribution to the company's success. Our principals trust and assistance provided us with the exclusively of very high and rare design that truly is one of a kind. Our domestic achievements encouraged us to expand in the international market. Our in emotional wing operation overlooks our global marketing sales activities very fruitful and harmonious long term relationship was established in the gulf region, far East and East Africa.

Al Bander Tech-P.C. Hat In par with the latest technology and gadgets, our company now directly imports high quality branded and unbranded computers, components, LCD/TFT monitors, and a vast variety, of accessories. Our retail out­let in Jeddah is situated in "City Center" on Medina Rd. over prestigious and strategy location, which is well-known for its large number of high tech stores and dealers. Our tech division is sub-divided in to software and after-sales solution providers. The latter is being, catered by a team of technicians.

Al Bander Trade Our trade and consultant wing serves as the manufacturer's representative, provides advisory service to our principals on promoting their goods in Saudi market, coordination investment enquiries, commercial and industrial projects on turkey bases. These activities cover from food to non-food goods. This wing aims to be reliable partner in building mutual trust and confidence.


مصنع الجلفنة و تشكيل ودرفلة المعادن لأنظمة إدارة الكابلات

Hot Dip Galvanizing & Cable Management System Factory

"SADENCO" This is our latest venture in the industrial field, producing and Fabricating galvanized sheets, cables trays, and accessories at the latest standard and highest technology.

A Division of AI-Bander Company Ltd. Is an ISO 9001 :2008 Certified Manufacturing Company which specialized in the Fabrication of Cable Support System such as Cable Ladder, Cable Tray,  Trunking lines. Steel Structures Fabrication Work etc... and its accessories. We also are Fabricating products for the Lightning Protection and Welding Protection System. 

We had also erected our own hot Dip Galvanizing Plant for all kinds of Steel Material which confirms to Local and International Standards such as ASTM 123 and BS729. 

The key to SADENCO Operation and growth is our competent personnel. We have qualified, experienced and Professional Staff we consider the most fundamental resources for producing quality products. furthermore. We are also equipped with most advanced technology resulting to high quality products. 

Our company with industry leading brands and applications-based thinking supports everyone's role in electrical infrastructure design and development. We are driven by our unique ability to benefit the people we serve by supporting their professional growth business growth, and growth of our industry. The Goal of the company is to provide high quality standard of company product Our goal is to capitalize on the customer needs, wants and fears.


Our Vision - رؤيـتـنـا

Vision Statement:

To be significant influential business and future key public sector industrial group, with portfolio of business interest in the Kingdom and in the Middle East.

Mission Statement:

Provide innovative top quality product, more cost effective and more reliable that competitors. Supplying building material products with zero defects, delivered when required. Using last manufacturing techniques and quality system Al-bander will maintain its leading positions in the market.
Values ' Trust ' Honesty ' Transparency ' Loyalty ' Innovation ' Creativity ' Quality Growth